We’re still putting the finishes on our new site, but please look around.  We would love to talk to you about what we do.  If you’re interested in working with us, please email: enquiries@otherfingerfilms.co.uk


Who Are We?

We’re a film-production company based in London and Brighton.  Our work takes us from the South-East of England to the United States and all over Europe.  We are visual storytellers, using film to tell the stories of the brands, companies and individuals we work with.  Our work covers TV Ads, Youtube Preroll, Lifestyle films, Short-form documentary, Music Videos and more.

Our films are cinematic and distinct, using our skillset to create an aesthetic that tells your story in the best way.  We want to hear from you and tell your story, bringing to life your vision in a stylish, exciting way.

Our approach starts with listening – listening to you and hearing what it is you want to say.  Then research, this might be looking into style and approach that may suit you – not all films need huge crews, so we work as a small crew or crews as large as 12 people for some shoots.  It’s all about making the project work for you and approaching it with a creative-lead technique.


Full Production


For most projects, we offer full production, which means we handle everything.  Pre-production – Script, Storyboard, Locations, Casting.  Production – Crew, Styling, Make-Up, Craft Services, Locations, Transport. Post-Production – Offline Edit, Sound Design, Colour Grade, Online Edit.  We can provide this to almost any specs you might require and provide a full start to finish service.


Smaller Projects


A lot of our work involves a much smaller production level, though this doesn’t stop us achieving beautiful results with rich and vibrant stories.  Our desire to always do your story and project justice is what drives us.  We don’t want to walk over old ground again and again, instead we aim for every project to be our most beautiful yet.


Crewing Only


Sometimes, all you need is a crew.  We offer crewing services and work with some excellent crews.  We can help you organise Department Heads including Cinematographers, Gaffers, Production Designers all the way to camera assistants, make-up artists, sparks, anything you might need.





We are proud of our focus on working as a collective.  Our approach is to present the right creative people to lead the right projects.  We also take pride in working with a driven, creative and talented group who devote themselves to becoming the best at their craft.  You may notice that many members of our team work across more than one discipline and our collective structure allows them to thrive.


We would love to hear from you.  Please get in touch.

Dont hesitate to contact us.

Whatever your project, whatever your budget.  We can usually find a way to work together.

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