We created a series of edits for a huge number of products: https://vimeo.com/216649861 https://vimeo.com/216648283

Working with the team at Mullen-Lowe Profero has been such a great relationship.  Following the success of the previous gifting ads we filmed 6 months earlier, these films looked to add to their success.  This time though, the aim was to add to what we had done before, to create more emotional depth.

Other Finger Films took charge of producing the entire shoot, which included a casting day, set-build, props sourcing and styling, wardrobe, locations, crew and equipment.  We filmed 6 setups over 2 days with a total of 8 actors.  The pre-production process was integral to creating such a strong final look as we ended up with a 55 page document outlining every single aspect.  This helped everyone pre-visualise the film.

We utilised virtually exactly the same team as the previous films, which really helped as everyone knew what we wanted to achieve with the project.

The films were shot in 4K slow-motion on our own RED Raven and our Director of Photography’s RED One camera.  This allowed us to speed up production as there was no need to de-rig one camera.  Although delivery was in HD (1080p) we were able to capture in 4.5K with the RED raven, giving us the option to crop in where needed as well as utilising the enormous 16.5 stops of dynamic range to give the project real beauty.

Director: Jonathan Nicol

Creative Director: Linda Holland

Co-Creative Director: Bronwyn Sweeney

Producer: Joe Pearson

Creative Producer: Neil Menzies

DOP: Franco Pezzino

Focus Puller: Richard Osborne

Camera Assistant: Joe Guez

Gaffer: Raff Cirigliano

Production Designer: Lauren Pratt

Art Dept: Sarah Walpole

Styling Assistant: Gemma Jayne Gear

Wardrobe Stylist: Becky Salmon

Hair & Make-Up: Emily Jane Williams