The story of one of our Directors Jonathan Nicol, in his words:

Intended to inform and express, this is my visual and audible depiction of what what my experience with Guillain Barre Syndrome was like. It’s taken 2 years before I was ready to make this film, but finally the time came. I’m back to full health, surprisingly unscathed, my vigour for work and life has doubled. Although a terrible experience, one that has changed me for the better.

I went from an active, fit person, boxing 4 times a week, to paralysed within the space of 9 days. It took 5 weeks to be able to walk again. I had the added issue of Bells Palsy too, which has left the right side of my face with only about 30% movement.

Please feel free to share and to ask questions. I want to use this piece as a platform for discussion.

Shot on the Red Raven in 4.5k crop with a mixture of lenses, dependent on the style of frame we were trying to create. Lighting came from Kino Flo, Arri and Aputure. Mostly on a Vinten vision 5 tripod, Cinesaddle for handheld and high-hat shots and the occasional DJI Ronin shot in there too.

Sound effects mostly from – Felix Blume, Ceberation, Leonsptvx, Ayliffe, AlaskaRobotics, Thatkellytrna, Inspector J, Sonicquinn, DineoMichelle.

Special thank you to James Hole, Kenny McCracken and Sam Shaw for their assistance too. As well as Cheetahs gym for letting us film the boxing scenes there.

And obviously to my wife, children, parents and siblings for theirs.

Director – Jonathan Nicol

Cinematographer – Richard Osborne

1st AC – Tash Tully

Composer – Barnabus O’Flynn

Grading & Sound Design – Jonathan Nicol