We once again worked with our friends over at Square Enix to create an exciting series of Dev Diaries for the announcement of the game at E3.  We worked together to create 12 films that were launched as part of a live-stream at E3.  They were later released on youtube as well.  The series saw us filming in London, New York and Stockholm.  An amazing experience with a great team.

Along with the usual style of interviews, we created a unique abstract feel to the films, to set them apart from other Dev Diaries.  We were very pleased to be given the freedom by Square Enix to create our own vision.

Director – Jonathan Nicol

DOP – Richard Osborne

Sound Recordist – Mirko Simoni & Andrea Cremonini

Second Unit Director – Kenny McCracken

Camera Operator – Sam Shaw

Editors – Joe Guez & Luke Ripley